Why Choose Us?

How would your business change if you had a valuable accountability partner in your corner 24/7? What if you could retain an Internationally renowned Spa Consultant to assist you to look at your business differently? Imagine how you could grow if there was more profitability at the end of each month? Not only is it possible, for the select few that are committed to grow there’s a unique opportunity. The Spa Professionals Guild was established in January 2020 to fill a crucial gap in industry education. Hands on “business in a box” training for all levels and industry categories.

About The Coach

Marisa Dimitriadis


Marisa Dimitriadis has spent 2 decades assisting spa owners in their pursuit to build profitable aesthetic businesses. During this time she launched two successful spa-centric products to support the South African and Mauritian beauty industry and became an International spokesperson whom many rely on for advice and inspiration. Working closely with spa professionals and their teams Marisa discovered a real need for continued learning as mainstream education falls short in SOP training. Fast forward to January 2020 and the birth of The Spa Professionals Guild which offers actionable tools and training for the spa industry. SPG is the only online educational community that helps you boost business revenue as well as advance in your career. Join the guild today to adapt the way you run your spa business to achieve SIGNIFICANT GROWTH in all areas of your organization.